from the base camp we take direction east again, going up for a short but vertical ascent of stones & dirt arriving to a little plateau, whre its possible to see the summit for first time, this is the place for the "high camp 1" (4.300 masl), arrive to here from the base camp, take between 4 and 6 hours. its possible stay here for two nights for a better acclimatization. in this campament we have amazing view from inside the tent of "el cepo" summit (left) and the marmolejo summit (right).

Mt. Marmolejo 6.118 masl - West Face

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from here its a long but not vertical crossing for the rocks, continue in a short and vertical ascent to the starting of the glaciar, where sometimes its neccesary crossing a ice penitents camp. exist a lot of options to put the "high camp 2" between 4.800 & 5.100 masl, it depends too, in how many days are we trying the summit but we dont recommend to sleep more than one night here about the altitude. from this camp its very clear the route to cross the next day through the glaciar.

some experimented & strong mountaineers arrive here in just one day from the base camp.

Starting the trekking from "El Cabrerío" (2.350 masl) in direction east to the "Valle de la Engorda" (2550 masl) in frnot of san josé volcano. Here is neccesary crossing the "Marmolejo estuary" and take direction North. from here we Follow the path inside the valley for 16 kilometers to the "Base Camp" (3.550 masl). This long trail of around 20 kilometers, many times, with more than one river crossing, is possible to do in one or two days. (just with light weigh, mules carry the heavy load!)

the try to the summit start very early because its a long day, and when come down, the idea is try to arrive to the lower camp possible to rest more and better & save few kilometers for the long descent of nest day. normally we take around 6 or 7 hours to the summit and 4 hours to descent to the "high camp 2" and 4 hours more the the "high camp 1" (depends of how tired be the group). from the beautiful summit is posibble to see all the valley and a lot of mountains like; san josé volcano, mt el plomo, mt piuquenes, mt tupungado & Mt aconcagua among many others.